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 Chamberlain SD, a place you will be proud to call "home".  
Welcome to my home town, Chamberlain South Dakota! 

Chamberlain is the county seat for Brule County. You can apply for your South Dakota driver's license,* your South Dakota titles, and register to vote all in the Brule County Courthouse, located a few blocks from our office. *DMV open limited hours, call ahead. 

By South Dakota standards, Chamberlain is considered a mid-sized town with a population of 2300 friendly mid-western people. Conveniently located on I-90 and the beautiful Missouri River Reservoir know as "Lake Francis Case". We have five campgrounds, fourteen hotels, and several restaurants all located within five minutes or our office and the courthouse. Our full service business district on Main street consists of CPAs, law firms, insurance agents, banks, gas stations, car dealerships, speciality shops, and much more. 

Lewis and Clark explored this area in 1804 and again in 1806. They documented this area as "Camp Pleasant". Two hundred years later it is still known for it beautiful scenery, pleasant camping, and abundance of wildlife. 

If your current situation allows you to choose your domicile, you probably already know South Dakota is the premier state to be from due to it's tax structure. Chamberlain is the premier town in South Dakota to be from due to it's convenient location, mid-sized population, it's friendly mid-western hospitality, and it's beautiful scenery. It is the perfect sized town to come to because it small enough to easily find your way around town while large enough to service all your needs without any long lines. 

I encourage you to plan your trip and include a couple extra days of free time so you can enjoy all that Chamberlain has to offer. Chamberlain has pleasant camping, world class walleye fishing, world class pheasant hunting, boating, water sports, museums, speciality shops, Lewis and Clark information center, South Dakota Hall of Fame, St. Joseph's Indian School and Akta Lakota Native American Museum.
Most full time RVers choose South Dakota to save money. Choose Chamberlain as a relaxing vacation destination. This may be the only vacation you take in your life time that actually saves you money.  I personally want to invite you to come explore and enjoy the Chamberlain area. I know you will be proud to call Chamberlain "home". We'd be honored if you choose us to be your mail forwarding and domicile specialist. 

Happy trails,
April and staff

 April Reis
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