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 If you are planning to come to South Dakota to get your driver's license we strongly encourage you to give our office a call so we can double check to make sure you have the proper paper work with you. 605-234-2500.   
If you plan to apply for a South Dakota driver's license 
you will need to bring the following:

Must have ONE item to prove
 your identity and  date of birth:
*Valid unexpired United States passport.
*Certified US birth certificate issued by the state or county in which you were born. (hospital birth certificates will NOT work)

Anyone who has changed their name since birth (and does not have a valid US Passport in their current name) needs to show proof of the name change(s). Acceptable documents for proof of legal name change are a certified marriage certificate (issued by a state vital records agency), a certified adoptions document, or a certified court order authorizing a name change (such as a divorce decree). If you have been married multiple times you will need to provide proof of all name changes unless you have taken back your maiden/birth name or hold a valid US Passport.  

Must have ONE item to prove your 
Social Security number.
*Social Security Card 
(the newer the better, no laminate, trimmings or markings)
*W-2 form
*SSA 1099 form
*Non-SSA 1099 Form
*Pay stub (must include name and all digits of your ss#)
For information on how to apply for a replacement card, visit http://www.socialsecurity.gov/ssnumber/ 

Must have a receipt from a local campground or hotel. 
that includes your name and your new Chamberlain address.
  (be sure the receipt includes both names if you are a couple) 
You will also need to sign a residency affidavit stating 
South Dakota is your state of residency. 

You must apply for your South Dakota driver's license in person. It will expire on your  birthday in 5 years. The cost is $20. 

You can apply for your South Dakota driver's license at any office in the state. Most of the offices are open limited 
hours so please contact our office if you need help finding an 
office that fits your schedule. The Chamberlain office is 
open every Tuesday except on holidays or elections. 

If your current driver's license from your home state is still
 valid then the only test you will be required to take is a brief vision test. You will be required to turn your old license in.

 April Reis
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