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 We encourage you to give us a call with any questions you have. 605-234-2500.  

All our contracts are billed annually. 
Postage costs are billed on an as needed basis.

ON CALL service which means we hold your mail 
until you contact us to ship it out is $250 a year + $15 sales tax plus shipping cost. 

WEEKLY service which means we schedule your 
mail to be shipped out on the same day each week such as every Tuesday. The cost of weekly service is $240 a year + $14.40 sales tax plus shipping costs. 

TWICE A MONTH service means your mail 
scheduled to be shipped out twice a month for example the 1st & the 15th of the month. If the 1st or 15th of the month happen to fall on a weekend, we ship your mail out on the Thursday before the weekend. The cost for Twice a month service is $225 + $13.50 sales tax plus shipping costs. 

Most of our clients put $50-$100 in their postage kitty to cover their shipping costs. When your postage kitty gets to about $10 we will notify you that you need to add more money to your postage kitty.

START UP fee $50 + $3 sales tax. We will help you organize your paper work to get your Private Mailbox at our office established. We will also help you organize your paperwork to get your South Dakota driver's license.  If you notify us in advance that you are coming to Chamberlain to apply for your South Dakota driver's license we usually can arrange for someone from our office to go with you.

 April Reis
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